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Topaz Healing offers virtual tarot readings, cord cutting and personalised meditations for clients across the World, Colchester and North London. Book online or get in touch for more information.


It all started with a deck of cards. Ten years ago, I was gifted some Angel Cards. The synchronicities that followed have led us both here today.


What was then Topaz Tarot has now evolved into so much more. Topaz Healing has helped thousands of women (and a few men) to change their lives. Offering: Tarot readings, cord cutting, spiritual healing and personalised meditations, my aim is to help you find your inner power and start living the life of your dreams. I also offer the opportunity to work with myself, side by side, bringing guidance, insight, spiritual understanding and healing to your everyday life issues.

Antoinette Powell - Topaz Healing


Hi, I'm Antoinette, the founder of Topaz Healing. Thanks for being here. I've always been a bit different, always had this feeling that there's more to life then what we are made to believe, and always known that I needed to help heal and enlighten people in one way or another.

I'm a massive empath, which has its pros and cons. A psychic, which still blows my mind to this day and a spiritual healer. All these things have taken a while to understand and get used to. We all go through trauma in life and I'm no exception, but I have vowed to use these experiences to not only help, empower and motivate myself but as many people as possible.

Psychic Ritual


The mission is to help people to spiritually heal themselves, release blockages, trauma and anything that is holding them back and to help them realise that they can create the life of their dreams!

Life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. We all have trauma, learnt behaviours and thought processes that aren't beneficial and that we are often unaware of. Topaz Healing is here to help you uncover and understand these things. To give you the power to: Heal, Release and Create.

Healing Stones


If you've made it this far then no doubt, we're aligned on some level already. If you feel drawn to working with me, then be ready for transformations to take place. At Topaz Healing it's always all about you.


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Candle Burning Ritual


Antoinette is a clairvoyant, psychic medium as well as a tarot master who reads the cards intuitively as well as traditionally. Tarot reading is a powerful tool of magic and transformation when used correctly. All of Antoinette's readings are infused with healing energy.


Working closely with Archangels, Antoinette will cleanse, cut and clear any energetic cords that are keeping you stuck in cycles that no longer serve you. The concept of cord cutting can be carried out in many ways but this is a powerful technique that will leave you feeling empowered, less bothered and ready to move forward in the best way for you.

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Energy Healing


A lot of Antoinette's clients struggle with meditation at first, we are not used to quieting our minds in today's society. Whether you're new to meditation or an old hand, Anroinette's personalised meditations are powerful, relaxing, healing and truly transformative.


Soul therapy and trauma healing sessions work best over a consecutive amount of time. In these sessions you work with Antoinette one on one, she will connect to your guides and offer guidance and healing techniques to help you resolve any issues you may be facing. These sessions have the potential to be truly life transforming so you must be ready to do the work should you wish to book.

Wow !! Wow!! Wow!!
Amazing mini reading earlier on. So spot on with everything she said. She is so caring and a beautiful soul and I really can’t thank her enough! Amazing as always, thank you.

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